10 Major Points to Boost Immunity Level

Keeping ourselves protected means a lot today, recently coronavirus outbreak teaches a lesson to the mankind that, if a person has weak immune system, then he could be in serious trouble. First of All, we need to know what is immune system ? then learn how to boost immunity Level.

So, basically It is a complex cells (include tissue, organs and other major substances) system that support our body to fight with disease and infections. White blood cells, organs, tissues of the lymph system, such as the thymus, spleen, tonsils, lymph nodes, lymph vessels, and bone marrow are also count in immune system.

Lets Start 10 Points to Boost Immunity Level

In this post, we are going to read how we can keep our immunity level up to fight off infections. Also build better condition for our mental and physical by following a healthy routine.

Stress Hurt So Much

Due to Stress, catecholamines hormones level up in our body and T Cells dominating immune system of body. This is the condition where our body attacked by viruses and bacteria and that can be serious condition for us. Many doctors and psychiatrist advices not to over think, if something bad happened with you then make sure you have someone to talk or take appointment to psychiatrist. Because it helps us to healing from that condition easily and make feel better.

Positive Attitude for Everything

Positive attitude mind set make big difference for you. For example, if you are stuck in some kind of serious problem then your first step will be how to overcome from it. Instead of thinking why this happened to me? What I will do now? Or Who will going to help me to tackle this? and lots more like this. Remember, if you are unable to help yourself then nobody will do this for you. So, pump yourself with positive energy but do not harm others.

Laughter Reduce Your Stress

It is true that Laughing is best medicine for us because when we laugh then endorphins released in our body and that reduce uncomfortable or a depressed mood. Often doctors advices us to keep ourself happy for good life and well-being. In a health study, researchers have concluded that, if any person watch some funny stuff, then it helps to boost their immunity but at the same time, man watch any emotionally neutral movie, it did not register any significant changes in immune system. Go ahead and have a good belly laugh.

Do Not Forget to Take Good sleep

It is very debatable topic that, how many hours should a person sleep in a day? Studies have shown that a healthy person must take 6 to 8 hours complete sleep to healthy and active. When we fall asleep then our pituitary gland releases growth hormone, which help body to heal and grow itself.

People sleeping less than 6 hours may face Depression, hypertension, migraine and if they did not take it seriously then it can be risk to their life as well. 

Sex Does Matter a Lot

Sex is one of the best options for those people who are suffering from Migraine, depression or stress. By doing sex twice or thrice in a week, man or women have many benefits like that can improve their sleeping time, reduce mental illness. (Mental illness like stress, migraine or depression), improve blood circulation & immunity, prevent safeguard from prostate Cancer. Apart from all these Sex is a good exercise. Doing sex up to 2 or 3 times per week help us to endorsing optimal IgA levels. Mainly people do not take it seriously but it has great role to Boost Immunity Level.

There is an additionally benefits of Sexual activity is, it helps you to understand your partner closely and make bonding stronger.

Social Ties Have Important Role

It has proven that if someone boycott himself from society then it can turn into danger for them. Although social bonding is very important for human being to share their thoughts, emotions and get to know others as well. To make social ties, a person can join any club or they can be member of society where living, but the best way is making good friends. It will help you a lot to erase stress level, keep you happy from inside your body. That will help you to increase immunity system.

Pets Help Also

After recent pandemic one things is clear for all that, every one need a pet companion. Even in studies researchers have shown that, those who have a pet, reasonable blood pressure and cholesterol level comparing to others. There are physiological benefits of having pets and when we come to physical interaction with them. It releases some kind of biochemicals that improve our immunity and keep our health in good shape.

One more advantage of having pet is, they do not have any kind of expectation from our side. Although we have responsibilities of them.

Vegetables & Fruits Act Like Positive Catalyst

Vegetables play vital role in a person’s health; they must eat it often, because it provides useful nutrients and doctor advices to take 3 to 4 cups for men and 2 to 3 cups for women to keep themselves fit & fine. Mushrooms, watermelon, Citrus fruits, red bell peppers, Broccoli, Garlic, Ginger, Spinach, Yogurt, Almonds, Sweet Potatoes, Oranges, Nut & seeds, Fish & eggs these are some vegetable and fruits, which can boost immune system.

It is necessary for all person to have these items in their daily diets plan to keep body on healthy track. 

Vitamins, Minerals, and Antioxidants Should Be

It is true that we cannot take all vitamins, minerals and important elements from our daily diet. In that case, we have to maintain it from outside in other words, we have to eat in other forms. Like we have mention importance of Vegetables and fruits above. So, beta-carotene (It is very powerful antioxidant increasing disease-fighting cells in our body). Vitamin C & E (It helps to increase body’s natural immune response & abolish free radicals). Vitamins D (help to reduce risk of viral infections) are important nutrients.

Big No to Junk Foods

Nowadays, young generation is addicted to junk foods, seems like they have no life without it. Although these kinds of foods are unhealthy and unacceptable because Junk food are rich in Sodium, carbs and sugar that tend us to Headache, migraine, depression, dental cavities diabetes, fat and others, but people eat it in large amount. So, try to eat healthy things like vegetables, fruits, vitamins and minerals. To keep yourself in good & well-being.

So, these are 10 Major Points to Boost Immunity Level. Try it and make your life better.

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