15 Amazing Ways to Reduce Hair Loss (Men & Women Both)

Hair is the most beautiful part of our body. In medical terms, it is known as an external appendage just like nails. Hair contributes to 90% of a person’s external look.

With the increase in pollution and urban sedentary lifestyle, the major concern for most people is Hair Loss.

Numerous hair clinics are having huge patients who want to go for hair transplant procedures because of hair loss.

Most people think that hair loss is predominantly genetic but it is partly true. In reality, male pattern baldness is genetic.

With the increase in hair loss cases in males, it is evident that all cases are not the result of male pattern baldness. Some people have hair loss due to an unhealthy diet, a sedentary lifestyle, and unhygienic hair habits.

15 Amazing Ways to Reduce Hair Loss

Here are some ways to prevent hair loss for both men and women.

1. Do Not Use Hair Products Containing Sulfates And Parabens.

  • Sulfates and parabens are the greatest enemies of the hair and skin.
  • Most hair care products used to have sulfates and parabens in them.
  • Sulfates make the scalp dry by taking away the natural oils of the scalp. It is also found to be a Cancer causing agent.
  • Whereas paraben causes allergic reactions on the scalp which can lead to dermatitis or rosacea.
  • Hence, it is recommended to choose a sulfate and paraben-free shampoo for your hair.

2. Do Not Wash Your Hair Often.

  • Washing your hair every day is a big mistake and you must avoid it.
  • By washing your hair daily you are taking away the natural oils from the scalp making it dry which can lead to dandruff and very dry hair.
  • It is recommended to wash your hair once a week.
  • It is acceptable to wash your hair twice only if it gets very dirty but not more than two times

3. Never Brush Your Hair Just After A Hair Wash.

  • Brushing your hair just after hair washing is a serious mistake and must be avoided.
  • After hair washing your hair is the weakest because it is damp.
  • When you brush your damp hair it leads to extra breakage of hair.
  • Hence, to avoid that it is advisable to dry it before you comb.

4. Use A Wide-Toothed Comb To Brush Your Hair.

  • It is a very common practice to use a narrow-toothed comb to style your hair better, but it is wrong.
  • A narrow-toothed comb leads to more breakage of hair and hence causes hair loss.
  • On the other hand, a wide-toothed comb generates less breakage of hair and protects your hair.

5. Do Not Tie Your Hair Very Tightly.

  • This one’s for women and also men with long hair.
  • Avoid tying your hair tightly daily. Once in a while, if you keep that as a hairstyle it is fine.
  • When you tie your hair tightly into a pony it creates lots of pressure on the roots of the hair leading to the breakage of the hair.

6. Use Satin Pillow Covers.

  • It would be a dreadful situation if you woke up with a pile of hair on your pillow. Isn’t it?
  • Well, it would not happen if you are using satin pillowcases.
  • Satin pillowcases lock the moisture and protect your hair during sleep.
  • Hence, it is recommended to switch to satin pillow covers.

7. Limit The Use Of Heating Instruments To Style Your Hair.

  • Heating instruments like straighteners, curlers, and hair dryers are a strict no-no if you are suffering from hair loss.
  • The heat produced by these heating instruments damages the scalp causing permanent damage to the roots of the hair. It is one of the most common reasons for hair loss.
  • Use of these products once in a while is fairly ok but when used every day, it can have serious effects on your hair.
  • Use natural techniques like Sun-drying to dry your hair after hair washing.

8. Use Cold Or Lukewarm Water For A Hair Wash.

  • Heat is bad for your scalp and it causes hair loss.
  • Most people prefer hot water while taking a bath and they use the same hot water for a head bath.
  • Hot water is bad for the scalp, it weakens the roots of the teeth causing hair loss.
  • Switch to using lukewarm water or cold water for a head bath. Coldwater is the best for head baths.

9. Use A Cotton Towel To Dry Your Hair After Hair Wash.

  • Cotton towels are gentle on the hair and the scalp hence it is recommended to use a cotton towel to dry your hair.
  • A great hack to use your cotton t-shirt instead of a towel.
  • Do not rub your hair vigorously while drying your hair.
  • It is advisable to pat dry your hair gently to keep your hair strong and prevent hair loss.

10. Incorporate Sprouts Into Your Diet.

  • Sprouts are superfoods. They have the energy to give life to a plant hence it is very helpful for hair growth.
  • In Ayurveda, sprouts are considered pranic foods which means they are living foods that can give life to a whole plant.
  • Sprouts have a huge amount of proteins which help a lot in hair growth and prevent hair loss.
  • Sprouts can be of two types- Pulses sprouts and Vegetable sprouts.
  • Recent research found that vegetable sprouts have greater power to reduce hair loss.

11. Use Natural Hair Masks.

  • Hair masks are quite a trend these days but I would urge everyone to use homemade hair masks or preferably the ones that have natural ingredients in them.
  • Natural ingredients are the best for hair growth and they prevent hair loss.
  • Hibiscus petals, fenugreek seeds, curry leaves, sour curd, and many more natural ingredients available in our home kitchen can make a great hair mask.
  • All the above-mentioned ingredients are proven to be beneficial for hair and help in preventing hair loss.

12. Oiling Of Hair.

  • Our grandparents have mentioned the great benefits of oiling hair and the same has proven to be true after many years.
  • Oiling nourishes your hair from the outside. It must be practiced at least once a week to prevent hair loss.
  • It is recommended to use natural hair oils like coconut oil, almond oil, and castor oil for your hair as they have great benefits for your hair.
  • It is also recommended that you warm your oil before applying. A small caution, do not heat your oil just warm it.

13. Hair Massages.

  • Hair massages are another great way to nourish your hair from the outside.
  • When you massage your hair you must concentrate on the scalp because it is the scalp that needs nourishment.
  • It is advisable to find at least 10 minutes daily to massage your hair. It helps prevent hair loss and promotes hair growth.

14. Detangle Your Hair From The Ends.

  • It is a very common mistake that people always detangle their hair from the scalp. In this way, you will damage your hair roots and cause irreversible hair loss.
  • Always begin detangling your hair from the ends, in this method when you reach the scalp 80% of your hair will be already detangled.
  • It also relieves pressure on the scalp minimizing breakage of hair roots and further preventing hair loss.

15. Practice Internal Detox.

  • We are always worried about the external factors and neglect the internal factors that can prevent hair loss.
  • Though Hair is an external appendage, it gets its nourishment from inside the body.
  • When the inside of our body is not clean or then there can be problems like hair loss. Hence, it is recommended to have an internal cleansing day once a week.
  • The best way to cleanse your body internally is by Fasting. It gives the body rest from the digestion process and heals the problem areas in the body.
  • Today, Intermittent Fasting is also a big trend and it is a great way to introduce fasting into your lifestyle.
  • Fasting cleanses your body from the inside and it is great detoxification for your body.


Hair loss has become a very common problem for most people in the present time. It is not just an external condition but it affects a person internally.

Hair loss affects a person’s self-worth and self-confidence. Most people find it very jovial and fun to joke about a person’s baldness but let me remind you, it is not funny.

Sometimes you never know how people are mentally affected by the hair loss problem and hence you must find natural, authentic, and doable solutions for your hair loss problem.

Finding a solution begins with finding the root cause of your problem and most of the time it is your daily habits, diet, and lifestyle choices.

The above-mentioned ways to prevent hair loss can be great incorporation into your daily lifestyle. It is evident that change takes time as we all know the saying- “Rome was not built in a day.”

But you must sign up to make sincere efforts to bring the change in your habits to keep your hair healthy, nourished and beautiful always.