15 Makeup Tips & Beauty Tricks for Older Women


The Best Makeup Tips for Women:

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder- an ancient saying which has persistent importance even today. Beauty is nothing but a version of self-confidence. Don’t you agree? Read 15 Makeup Tips for women.

Beauty is a feeling which comes from inside. Most women feel more beautiful from the inside when they adorn makeup.

Makeup gives women a spark of confidence and a feeling of self-worth. Moreover, women enjoy applying makeup and experimenting with it.

But is makeup limited to young women? No, fortunately, it is open to all women irrespective of their age. Some older women feel shy to apply makeup, but it is a sincere urge for everyone to kick such notions out of the way.

Here are some fantastic makeup tips for older women.

1. Exfoliation Is the Key

  • Exfoliation is a process that removes dust and dead cells from your skin.
  • Facial skin is more prone to dust and pollution, which accumulates massive dust leading to dead cells.
  • Older women have saggy skin; hence they must exfoliate their skin frequently.
  • A homemade scrub or readymade store-bought scrub is excellent for exfoliation.
  • It is always preferable to choose natural and chemical-free ingredients for the exfoliation of your facial skin.

2. Moisturize Well Before Starting Makeup

  • Older women have saggy skin, fine lines, and wrinkles; hence they are more prone to skin dryness.
  • When they apply makeup on dry skin, it presents as white patches that steal away the face’s natural look.
  • Hence, it is crucial to moisturize the facial skin before makeup for older women.
  • A well-moisturized facial skin will help in better absorption of the makeup.

3. Begin With a Primer

  • A primer is a must for makeup in older women.
  • A Primer provides an even tone for the facial skin; it reduces the appearance of fine lines, large pores, and wrinkles.
  • It serves as a base for the foundation and concealer.
  • Applying primer is like prepping your face for a flawless look.

4. Always Vouch For a Good Concealer

  • As the skin ages, many aging signs develop.
  • Fine lines, wrinkles, pores, and dark eyes can hide everything using concealers.
  • Since older women have a lot of aging signs on their faces, it is best to use a concealer while doing makeup for older ladies.
  • It is ideal to select a concealer that matches your skin color.

5. Go For a Lightweight Foundation

  • Along with the sagginess in aging skin, applying a heavy foundation will give the appearance of cakey makeup.
  • Hence, it is necessary to choose a lightweight foundation for older women.
  • A lightweight foundation will keep the makeup looks for older ladies very natural and radiant.

6. Use Blush for Your Cheeks

  • A dash of color on your cheekbones lifts all your facial features making you look more radiant.
  • Older women also must include blush in their makeup kit.
  • Older women must apply the blush on the apples of their cheeks. It can be tricky because of the baggy cheeks due to aging.
  • After applying the blush, you must blend it upwards to highlight your cheekbones.

7. Plump Up Your Lips

  • Plump Lips add a lot of beauty to the overall makeup look.
  • Usually, the lips become thin as women start aging.
  • So through plump lips, the whole makeup look is enhanced.
  • Start using a lip liner to highlight the borders of the lips and apply lipstick that brings out a brighter look.

8. Kiss Goodbye to Darker Lip shades

  • Darker Lip shades are the go-to lipsticks for most women.
  • For older women, the best choice would be to opt for lighter lip shades.
  • Lighter lip shades give a fuller and plumper look to the lips.
  • Also, include a glossier lipstick to give the best makeup for older women.
  • A glossier lipstick will help enhance the lip texture and highlight your features.

9. Maintain Your Brow and Define Your Eye Makeup

  • Aging hurts the eyebrows.
  • With age, eyebrows become thin, sparse, and lose shape.
  • Hence, it is crucial to groom your eyebrows regularly.
  • Use an eyebrow pencil to enhance your eyebrows. It will give a whole new definition to your eye makeup.
  • Brush your brows regularly as a maintenance routine.

10. Say ‘NO’ Too Dark and Sparkly Eye shadows

  • Eyeshadows are usually applied on the skin over the eyelids.
  • With age, the skin over the eyelids becomes loose and becomes baggy.
  • When older women apply dark shades of eyeshadows or sparkling eyeshadows in that region, it highlights the loose and saggy skin over the eyelids.
  • Hence, it makes the person look older.
  • Instead, choose a light shade of shadow and altogether ditch the sparklers on the skin of your eyelids.
  • A lighter eyeshadow gives elegance and radiance and enhances the natural beauty of older women.

11. Choose Eye Pencil Over Liquid Liner

  • A liquid liner is a complete ‘No’ for older ladies.
  • A liquid liner looks very heavy on the upper eyelids, and it also highlights the loose skin, which makes the person look older.
  • An eye pencil can hide the sagginess of the skin on the upper eyelid and define the upper eyelash line intricately.
  • It is ideal to go for a brown shade of eye pencil; it will give a subtle look to the eye makeup of older women.

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12. Curl Your Eyelashes

  • Curling your eyelashes will give a new and young look to your eyes.
  • Older women tend to have less eyelash volume, spoiling the makeup look.
  • Curling your eyelashes can give volume and radiance to your eye makeup.
  • Here is a tip, always curl your eyebrows before applying mascara.
  • You tend to break your eyelashes and spoil your eyelash curler when you do it the other way.

13. Use a Black Mascara

  • Black hair, black eyelashes, and black eyebrows can make anyone look younger.
  • Black mascara will give volume and length to your eyelashes, making you look younger.
  • In addition to the above, a black mascara also enhances eye makeup for old ladies.

14. Remove Your Makeup before Your Sleep

  • The most important rule for women of all ages is to remove makeup before sleeping.
  • It comes as a caution for older women because keeping the makeup overnight can ruin your skin over time.
  • During sleep, your body relaxes so does your face. When you leave your makeup on, your facial pores are closed; hence your facial skin cannot breathe.
  • It is the main reason for developing pimples and acne on your skin. It also makes you look older.
  • Hence, never hesitate to remove your makeup before sleep. It is ideal to use a natural makeup remover like coconut oil, which helps nourish your skin.

15. Keep It Natural

  • Keeping it natural is an essential makeup tip.
  • As we grow old, we have to face some inevitable changes in our skin and bodies. The secret lies in accepting it with dignity.
  • Older women seek makeup to hide their aging flaws; they start applying too much makeup in the process.
  • Well, the truth is too much makeup won’t hide your aging; it highlights your flaws.
  • It is wrong and immature to fight nature. The wisdom lies in embracing it with open hands.
  • For older women’s makeup, the key is- Less is more.
  • The lesser quantity in the right places helps you achieve the most natural look and enhances your elegance.


Older people are charming. When older women wear makeup, they look even cuter.

Older women shy away from using makeup because they are too conscious of society’s comments. Well, it’s time to live life on your terms and not care about others’ comments.

In the end, everyone has their own opinion, and its okay.

Makeup is not only about looking young or cute; it imparts a wave of confidence to the person wearing it. Makeup also instills an aura of happiness into the person.

Many old notions say makeup is for the young; it is false. Everything is a perspective of a single person or a group of people.

I would tell all older women to embrace their age with dignity because it is just a number. Your age should never restrict you from doing things you love. For women of any age, makeup is pure love.

Embrace yourself, Love Yourself, Pout more and follow all the above best makeup tips for older women to live happily ever after.