7 Surprising Natural Ways To Improve Your Memory

We all forget things occasionally, but if you’re having trouble remembering names, phone numbers, birthdays, or where you put your keys, it might be time to do something about it.

The world’s best memory-improving techniques are simple and natural, and you don’t have to go out of your way to use them (that’s the great thing about some of these memory-boosting strategies). Incorporate these methods into your daily life, and you’ll be able to remember just about anything with ease.

7 Ways To Improve Your Memory


Well, how many of us know that even brushing teeth twice helps in improving our memory?

In fact, eating seafood lowers blood pressure and increase blood flow to the brain.

The foods you eat daily may have much more of an impact on how well you remember things than you’d expect, so it pays to choose wisely!

Learn more about the foods, supplements, and lifestyle changes that are scientifically proven to improve memory in this article.

1) Complete your Sleep Cycle

Sleep is essential for our brains. It boosts positivity in our body and mind. When we don’t get enough sleep, we cycle through these stages too quickly, only allowing ourselves to reach the light and deep sleep.

This can cause grogginess, a decrease in mental acuity, and increased negative feelings like anxiety and depression. Remember more of what you learn throughout your day, and make sure you get seven to nine hours of shut-eye every night.

If you need help falling asleep or staying asleep, consider practicing relaxation techniques before bedtime. The next time you have trouble remembering something, try getting more sleep. You might be surprised by how much better you feel!

2) An Apple a Day is Good for Your Memory

Studies have shown that taking in plenty of vitamin C and eating lots of fruits and vegetables can boost your brainpower and help you remember more. Apples contain a decent amount of vitamin C, so they’re an easy way to keep your memory sharp.

Researchers even found that those who ate one apple a day performed better on learning and memory tests than those who did not. While it may seem like a no-brainer, increasing your intake of fruits and veggies has been linked to improved memory.

One study showed that people who consumed two servings of blueberries per day could recall 29 percent more words from a list than people who didn’t eat any berries. Other studies suggest similar results for spinach, carrots, kale, and other leafy greens. Just make sure you wash all the produce thoroughly before eating it!

3) Workout Everyday

Regular aerobic exercise has been shown to enhance memory and overall brain function, reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s disease, improve your mood, and even help you lose weight.

One study found that college students who exercised daily could remember 81% of what they learned during a lecture while only remembering 68% of the information when they hadn’t exercised.

It also helps to get plenty of sleep. Most adults need 7-9 hours per night because sleep is crucial for consolidating memories. Finally, make sure you eat a healthy diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants; these nutrients have improved cognitive function.

4) Drink Green Tea

Green tea is packed with antioxidants that may improve your memory. A study published in a 2014 issue of The Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease found that people who consumed a blend of green tea, coffee, and turmeric had superior memory recall compared to those who did not.

Researchers don’t know exactly how these ingredients work together, but they think it may have something to do with their antioxidant properties.

You can also use powdered green tea extract as an alternative. Just make sure you follow package directions for dosage!

5) Meditate

Regular meditation reduces stress and anxiety and therefore strengthens memory retention, and it also gets your brain primed for learning new things. Start with meditation if you’re looking for natural ways to improve your memory.

Meditation trains your mind to focus on one thought or thing at a time, allowing you to easily recall facts you’ve learned recently or information relevant to what you’re doing.

There are plenty of different types of meditation to choose from. The most common types are breathing, sitting, walking, and even lying-down meditations. No matter which style you try, practice it regularly, so it becomes a habit.

6) Keep Stress Levels Low

Stress will destroy your memory faster than anything else. If you find your stress levels are becoming overwhelming, there are plenty of ways to cope with even high anxiety levels without resorting to drugs.

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We’ve all heard that stress can hurt our health. But what’s not often discussed is how it can damage your memory. Research shows high levels of stress over an extended period can significantly impact your ability to recall information. So, lower your stress levels by taking up yoga or meditation and never forgetting anything again.

7) Use More Spices in Cooking

Did you know that some spices have been shown to have memory-enhancing properties? They’re great for flavoring your food and boosting your brain’s health. Here are a few of our favorites: cinnamon, cumin, and turmeric. They taste great in food, but turmeric is also actually being studied as a possible treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.

Turmeric contains curcuminoids, and research suggests these compounds could help ward off Alzheimer’s disease and depression. Additionally, research shows there may be a link between low levels of curcuminoids and poor overall cognitive function.


No two people have the same memory systems, but that doesn’t mean your mind is doomed! The above are some scientifically backed methods to improve your memory, make it sharper and remember more.

You don’t need expensive or flashy pills, devices, or even gizmos; all you need is a little information on how memory works and some practice. If you want to sharpen your ability to memorize, there are plenty more natural ways to boost memory power. Try incorporating some of the above suggestions into your daily routine for maximum results.

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