What are the Benefits of Running?

There is a saying- “You should have 3 types of passion in life, the first type should fetch you money for your survival, the second type should fulfil your creative thirst, and your third type should make you fit. Here, we will focus on our third type of passion which is the most neglected one of all. Can anyone think of one clear reason why most people neglect fitness? Well, my answer would be because it seems tough for most people. It requires effort to get up every day and go to the gym for a workout. But have you ever considered easier and faster methods to achieve your fitness goals? One of the easier methods is running daily, and there are many Benefits of Running. Let’s read it.

Benefits of Running

6 Benefits of Running

Many fitness experts would disagree here, saying that what does running alone do? But there are multiple benefits of running daily, the most important one being that it gets you started in your fitness journey. Some of the benefits of running are:

1.    It Is The First Milestone In Your Fitness Journey.

  • It is not easy to get up one fine day and decide to go to the gym. It may sound very doable, but it takes seconds to go back to bed and procrastinate for the next day.
  • So, to reach the end stage, which is the gym, it’s important to take baby steps, and the first step is incorporating daily running practice.
  • Consistency is the key to a fitness journey, and a daily running activity can help create a consistent habit that will further help you become a fitness enthusiast.
  • Hence, starting your fitness journey with just running in a park or ground is ideal. Start slow, maybe 2 or 3 rounds on the first day. After a few days, you will feel like running more.

2.    It Is The Cheapest Fitness Option Available.

  • It may sound very fancy to say- ‘I am going to the gym.’ But it is an equally expensive option as the best gyms charge a heavy amount of money.
  • Most gyms have a strategy of convincing their clients to choose a quarterly or annual plan for which they charge a couple of thousands.
  • Of course, some people can afford such services, but some cannot spend so much on their fitness.
  • For such people, running is the best possible option which requires no gym, no money, and no equipment.
  • Running also helps keep you fit and healthy if you practice it daily.

3.   It Improves Cardiovascular Health.

  • Consider a machine, for example; if it functions daily, it stays in an optimum condition.
  • Imagine that you bought a machine and did not use it much; it will develop frequent issues due to disuse.
  • The same logic applies to our heart; if we make the heart beat faster for a set period, it remains in optimum health and enhances its ability to pump blood.
  • On the contrary, if we do not work on our hearts, we will eventually suffer from various cardiovascular diseases.
  • Running is a form of cardio that increases the heart rate, making it beat faster; hence it directly contributes to a healthy cardiovascular system.

4.    It Tones Your Leg And Calf Muscles.

  • Toned legs and calf muscles are a dream for the youth; running makes that possible with any extra investment.
  • Running focuses on the legs, which makes the muscles on the legs and calves stronger.
  • The start is always difficult and painful but does not restrain yourself because it hurts because a famous proverb says, “There is no gain without any pain.”
  • Hence, to attain a toned leg, consider starting your fitness journey with running.

5.    It Helps To Lose Weight.

  • Yes, losing weight is the biggest concern for most people, especially females.
  • Practicing a daily routine that includes running is a great way to start losing weight.
  • You can lose the maximum amount of weight through good cardio like running.
  • When you run, your full body receives movement from your head to the toes; hence, it helps you lose weight.

6.    It Boosts Your Mental Health.

  • Physical exercise has a direct relation to maintaining optimum mental health.
  • Running boosts the production of endorphins which are happy hormones in the body.
  • The endorphins produce a joyful feeling in the brain and help relieve people from mental disorders like depression.
  • The doctors always advise a person suffering from depression to start a physical exercise to give them a good feeling about themselves.
  • When a person suffers from depression, they do not have the mental stability or patience to go and sign up for a gym membership. Hence, starting slow with running is a great way to help them enhance their mental health.


Running is an easy option in comparison to the other fitness regimes. But, it needs dedication and consistency to achieve results. Unfortunately, people are always ready with tons of excuses for incorporating a fitness regime into their daily routine.

Always remember, physical exercise like running is an internal body cleanse. We all take a bath daily which superficially cleanses our body; similarly, we need an internal cleanse to flush out toxins from our bodies. Sweat is one medium of excreting body wastes, and running helps you do that.

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There is no hurry to get up on Day 1 and run for 5 km straight; never do that. Always aim to start slow and build up a practice. Daily practices can go a long way in creating discipline in your life. Habits are difficult to break when incorporated well.

Here is a tip, any practice requires working on it consistently for 21 days to make it a habit. It doesn’t mean that after 21 days, you stop practicing; after the said time, the habit will become easier for you to perform. However, it takes 99 days to change that habit into your lifestyle. So, the best advice will be to incorporate running into your daily routine to achieve your fitness goals.