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5 Best Products to Use for Baby in 0-6 Months

Small babies are bundles of joy that come to this world to enlighten our world. Imagine if these cute little angels face the wrath of incorrect products; it doesn’t feel nice. So, you must choose best products to use for your baby.

Today everyone in this world is selling something. But unfortunately, it is challenging to find the correct product for your baby in this ocean of products.

Just born babies are completely ignorant of their environment. For them, for a few months, they were swimming in the mother’s womb, and now suddenly, they are out. So it is difficult for the babies to adapt to the environment; if we use incorrect products on their skin or face, they can face a real nightmare.

Best Products to Use for Baby

The poor souls cannot express their grief with the products we use; hence it’s our complete responsibility to select suitable products which are least harmful. There are very fe products that can use for the babies; some of the products are:

1. Soaps

  • Have you ever observed a newly born baby? If you have observed, you must know the texture of their skin.
  • A newly born baby has flaky skin; it feels like it can peel out anytime.
  • Hence, it is crucial to use the right products on their skin as it is very sensitive.
  • New parents struggle with this issue; they are constantly worried about their products, as anything wrong can cause rashes or inflammation on the baby’s skin.
  • A baby soap should have all the below mentioned characteristics:
  • In addition, it should have a neutral pH of 7. Soaps with acidic or basic pH can cause harm to the sensitive skin of babies.
  • The most important characteristic is that baby soaps should be devoid of sulfates and parabens. These substances are harmful to all skin types. In addition, recent research has associated the presence of sulfates and parabens with cancer.
  • A baby soap should gently lather with a soft and timid baby fragrance.
  • It must be Hypoallergenic which eliminates the risk of allergies.
  • It must be tear-free.
  • It is tricky to choose the right product for your baby, but using smarter methods can reduce this dilemma.             
  • Always choose natural products for your baby, and go through the ingredient list thoroughly to choose the best for your Baby.  
  • Some of the best natural baby soaps in India are- Hugo Naturals, Puracy, Nature’s Gate, etc.

2. Moisturizers

  • As mentioned before, newborn babies have flaky skin, which is dangerous to get peeled off easily.
  • Hence, it is essential to choose moisturizers free from harsh chemicals.
  • Baby Moisturizers should provide a soft texture to the baby’s skin.
  • After using a good moisturizer for more days, the baby’s skin starts to heal, developing a smooth and soft texture.
  • Some of India’s best natural baby lotions are Babo Botanical Calming Lotion, Earth Mama Organics Sweet Orange Baby Lotion, etc.

3. Powders

  • Baby powders keep the skin dry and also leave a mesmerizing fragrance.
  • Since the babies have sensitive skin, areas having wetness due to sweat are prone to fungal infections.
  • Powders help avoid wetness, which further prevents fungal diseases or infections.
  • While applying powder on your babies, avoid using it directly on the genitals as it can cause burning or irritation.
  • Baby Powders you select to apply to your babies should be chemical-free. In addition, it should have a smooth and fine texture, unlike adult powders.
  • Some natural baby powders are- The Moms Co. Talc-Free Powder, Mama Earth Organic Powder, etc.

4. Hair Oils

  • You must be wondering; most babies do not have hair, then why should we use hair oil? It is a lesser-known fact that hair oil creates its magic on the scalp and not on the hair.
  • Your scalp is the place that needs maximum nourishment to grow, whereas your hair needs the hair oil to keep it away from drying.
  • Hence, it is essential to oil your baby’s scalp even when they don’t have hair as it will help strengthen their hair roots, and eventually, they will develop thick and strong hair.
  • Our age-old tradition says that coconut oil is the best for hair even now.
  • It is ideal to prefer cold-pressed coconut oil to massage a baby’s scalp because it is organic, harmless, and best to strengthen the hair roots.
  • Some brands that sell virgin coconut oil are- Forest Essentials, DiSano, Maxcare, Kama Ayurveda, etc.

5. Shampoos

  • After the oil application, the most important part is removing the oil and cleaning the scalp.
  • In the case of babies, there is not much hair on the scalp; hence whatever hair products you use comes in direct contact with the scalp. Therefore, it is the most concerning factor.
  • Hence, choosing the best baby hair care products is vital, especially shampoos.
  • Shampoos these days are bombarded with unnecessary harmful chemicals, so choose a baby shampoo wisely.
  • Baby shampoos must be chemical-free, sulfate, and paraben-free.
  • It is important to choose a natural and organic product that is dermatologically tested.
  • Choosing a vitamin-based shampoo, especially Vitamin E, is very thoughtful as it is good for both hair and skin.
  • It is a piece of sincere advice to avoid using shampoos having chemical dyes and artificially incorporated fragrances as they have a higher risk of causing cancer.


The first 6 months after the baby is born is the toughest phase for the parents. It is a commotion in the house as it calls for extra anxiety. It is the state where you develop mixed feelings; you are happy while you are worried and confused.

It is ideal for finding best products to use for baby and selecting the best you find during pregnancy. Then, after the baby’s birth, you can consult your doctors about the baby’s skin type and choose from your segregated list. It will help you reduce the panic and also help the baby.

Parenting is about trials and finally finding the best products to use for baby that suits and continuing the same. The major challenge here is to find a product that suits your baby’s skin and hair among millions of brands available on the market. Ultimately, your smartness will help your baby to get the best product available in the market.

How to Take Care of Your Baby (0 – 6 months)?

Babies are God’s messengers who are sent into this world to spread happiness all around. So it’s true, right whenever we are around babies, we automatically smile, and our mood just instantly changes. That’s why it is our responsibilities to take care of them.

Well, for a third person, it may seem like a fairytale, but there goes a lot of care and patience to raise a baby from birth until they grow young.

5 Points to Take Care of Your Baby

Raising a baby is like nurturing a plant. In the first few days, when the bud gives off small leaflets, they are the most delicate pieces on the earth. The same goes for just born babies; it’s a beautiful experience to hold their cute little delicate bodies.

Babies of age 0-6 months require special care with lots of love and patience. The best ways to take care of your babies from birth to 6 months are:

1. Feeding.

  • One of the first things a baby requires is food.
  • The best baby food is Breast Milk.
  • Breast Milk, also known as Colostrum, is the natural milk produced in the mother’s body because of female hormones like oxytocin.
  • Breast Milk is filled with loads of antibodies for the babies, which provides natural immunity to the baby against infections.
  • It requires six months for the babies to build their immunity. Hence, Breast Milk serves as an immunity booster for babies.
  • Doctors today prescribe milk formulations for babies, which must be given to them, and breast milk.
  • The milk formulations are usually given when the mother cannot produce enough breast milk to satisfy her baby’s hunger.
  • The mother should also take good care of her health and diet to produce a good quantity of Breast milk for her baby. Doctors always give a detailed diet plan for the mother’s optimum health.

2. Vaccinations.

  • The importance of vaccinations is immense, and it cannot be neglected.
  • We have understood that babies at age 0 to 6 months have no built-in immunity; hence, they depend on the mother’s immunity given through breast milk.
  • But breast milk will not suffice considering the range of diseases that prevail in the world, and some can be fatal.
  • Hence, it is ideal to follow the vaccination program in your country.
  • Vaccinations for babies begin at birth till they are 16 years of age.
  • At birth, vaccinations given in India are- BCG, Hepatitis B, and OPV.
  • Post-birth till 14 weeks the vaccinations given are- OPV 1, 2 & 3, Polio Vaccine, Pentavalent 1, 2 & 3 and Rotavirus Vaccine.
  • The Government is putting huge efforts into creating awareness about vaccination programs and increasing its reach to the people from lower financial strata.
  • Vaccinations for babies are very important, and a mother should be very cautious about them.

3. Protection.

  • Small babies are prone to insect bites like mosquitos, ants, flies, etc.
  • Hence, they should always be covered and protected.
  • Babies should be covered with mosquito nets at night to protect them from mosquito bites.
  • Babies can catch a cold very fast. Hence, they should be kept warm always, and the first few days after birth, they should be covered in socks and hand gloves for extra protection.
  • Babies should always be kept with good cushioning as their bodies are very delicate, and they can get hurt very easily, so a cushion provides the necessary protection.
  • Always maintain hygiene when you are near your baby. When babies arrive in a family, it is like a festival, and all family and friends gather and hold the baby. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that your baby is in safe hands.
  • The covid pandemic has taught us to always wash hands and legs before entering the house; the family should follow before touching and holding a baby.

4. Mental Stimulation.

  • From birth to 6 months of age, babies cannot do much movement, and they spend most of their time sleeping.
  • It is important to talk to them with happy faces when they are awake.
  • You can stimulate their minds by showing them attractive colored toys or singing a lullaby for them, putting them to sleep.
  • Never show irritation or negativities to the babies. Everything they see or hear registers in their subconscious mind and forms a part of their personality.
  • When a baby is born, take special care of what they see and hear. Positive things will help develop a positive and happy mind.
  • Electronic devices like mobile phones and tablets are a strict NO for babies. Many parents think that showing a video on mobile phones can stimulate their minds, but it doesn’t. On the contrary, it is an instant pleasure that will make their mind dull in the long run.
  • According to recent research, it is said that electronic devices emit harmful radiation, which can have a long-term effect. Therefore, it is best to avoid contact with electronic devices with your babies.

5. Body Massaging.

  • Every day the parents should bathe the babies unless they have a fever or cold.
  • Initially, they may cry during a bath, but eventually, they love their bath time.
  • Babies love being around water because they feel happy and excited.
  • Along with bathing, one more thing to incorporate is body massages.
  • Body massages help lubricate the joints and assist bone growth.
  • There are many masseuses available who excel in body massages.
  • Massages can be like physical exercise for babies, and any physical exercise has its advantages.


Every parent dreams of having a baby, and they put in their heart and soul to protect them from any danger. But, to take care of your baby, you have to make yourself aware of everything related to kids.

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After birth, babies cry a lot. It takes them 1-2 months for the kids to get adjusted to this environment. After three months, they start to connect with the environment. In the initial few months, babies have a hard time at night because they cannot sleep and cry. It is a nightmare for the parents, but the days will pass, and your baby will start adapting to this environment. Avoid taking too much stress as a parent and enjoy the process because time flies faster, and your small baby will grow young very soon.