Long Distance Relationship – 6 Points to Follow


Does it hurt when you finally start to think that you have found your soul mate? But the concept of long-distance relationship, career, passion, and responsibilities creep in. Finally, begin to confide in someone you can trust, feel the new spark, butterflies in your stomach, and boom comes to the distance. Distance hurts. It can tear your soul apart, especially when you are so used to being around that person so much. In such cases, you should know how to care Long Distance relationships.

You become so accustomed to seeing them every day, every hour, which imagining a life without them becomes suffocating. Wake up in the morning and not see their faces, cuddles, kisses, and most importantly, their smile. You are just left alone with phone calls and technology that claims to bring you closer. 

A long-distance relationship can be challenging, but not enough for breaking up with your partner.

When there is true love involved, distance won’ matter. When you are genuinely in love, you are willing to fight every obstacle that comes your way. It can be a bumpy road but never give up. There will be times when misunderstanding will shoot up due to miscommunication or no communication; that is the time you need to work the maximum on your relationship. With distance comes extra responsibility. 

How to Maintain Long Distance Relationship?

Technology is the only medium to connect in a long-distance relationship. That is why you have to be more considerate of your partner’s emotions because technology can fool you. Your capability to understand your human emotions gets compromised when the only medium of communication you have is technology. 

There will be times when you will be crying silently, and your partner will be unable to make out or vice versa. The transparency of emotions becomes challenging in long-distance love, but never let it be an excuse for you to part ways. It can also be a period of test for you both; you think of it as an experiment that will decide the future of your relationship. 

6 Points to Take Care During Long Distance Relationship

Not everyone is willing to fight so hard for their love, and maximum couples break up due to his, but if you love and adore each other, you will be willing to fight. You can set some ground rules beforehand. It does not come after you when the distance creeps in. 


Communication is the basis of every relationship, and its need and requirements, even more, when distance creeps in. It is the starting stage of most misunderstandings you are about to face with your partner. If you do not express your emotions, misinterpretations are always possible in your life.

Long-distance can be made easy with proper communication and conversation. You don’t need to be in contact day and night, but you can talk about how your day went and what all you did throughout the day. This way, you have more to talk about something. This way, you will also be able to communicate your feelings better. Never shy away from sharing what you are feeling. There will be times when you will feel low, express your feelings to your partner, do not overburden them, but still be clear enough to make them understand.

Set Some Ground Rules

Before you step foot on this venture of long-distance relationships, make sure you set up some ground rules. Rules are better for a relationship to function together. You can talk about all the things that make you uncomfortable or uneasy and discuss things that might hurt your partner. This way, you will know things to do and not to do. You can create an essential rule book where you discuss your insecurities and make some boundaries for each other. It will help you decide the culprit when the limit is over.


Trust is a heavy word but never shy away from giving your hundred percent if you are into someone. The future can take turns, but at least you will know that you did everything perfectly. You must build trust in one another when the distance starts to creep in. Do not constantly oppose each other’s actions or criticize them. Be brave enough to instill your trust in them. 

There might be times when communication will hang for long days, and doubts will creep in, but do not let go of the trust. You do not know what your partner might be going through, so it is always better to wait patiently and talk it out. Let each other know about the struggles you face and the battles you are fighting. When you start o connect on a deeper level, the connection gets more robust.

Do Not Jump To Conclusions

Long distances can be challenging and intimidating. Physical presence has a much more profound impact than virtual presence, and it is unbeatable. A long-distance relationship is not a walk in the park accessible. Instead, it is trekking on the mountain tough. There will be bumps and turbulence throughout, but you need to work on it together. Do not jump to conclusions after every fight; communicate, respond and evolve. 

There will be times when you will feel helpless and powerless in the relationship when distance will overpower your love, that is the prime time, but you have to uphold your patience and integrity. You have to figure out ways and mend the broken strings of your love guitar. It can take time but grow together. You must know important advice for relationship before reaching on any conclusion.


It might seem harsh, but this is how you let your partner grow. Give them area and room both spiritually and romantically. Give them some space so that they miss you. It always happens that one partner remains stuck behind with the old times while the next moves on to lead their life on their terms. Neither of them is wrong.

And that is what must happen. 

You cannot be attached to the old times and expect nothing o change as you set your foo on your paths. You have to digest it. Those things do change when there is distance involved. Even when love is concerned, there will be busy schedules, missed virtual dates, missed phone calls, or no response text messages. Celebrate each other’s struggles and grow in your respective spaces.

Do Not Ignore Red Flags

It is another mistake that most couples make. They become so blind in love that they start to ignore red flags. Not every individual remains the same when distance comes into play. For some humans, love fades away with distance like “out of sight, out of mind” kind of a thing. Some individuals cannot handle long distances with faded love and spark. 

Do not overdo trying to mend your broken relationship. You can invest your trust and time into someone but never overdo it, to the point that you become blind and repeat mistakes and scandals. Your heart will compel you to believe otherwise and fool you into thinking in them, but always let your mind decide in situations like these. Use your brains, and do not be fooled into believing lies.

A beautiful relationship is a two-way street, but people make it one way by depending on their partner entirely. If not equally, there must be efforts from both sides, at least in a balanced way. There will be times when you will have to apply more effort, but there shall also be times when your better half balances it when you are upset. You both must balance each other out and take each other for granted.