Psychological Facts of Love – 10 Points to Remember


What is Love? Well, the concept of Love and its feelings has continued to be an entangled enigma that songwriters and artists have beautifully translated into eloquent languages. There is no such proper definition of Love. It is a feeling and you should know Psychological Facts of Love. It’s a state of compassion when you feel the best of yourself and the one in front of you. It is powerful. It holds reigns in its hand to build you as well as break you. Have you heard people make statements and justify it with being Love?

That is the power of Love. Suddenly, everything starts to make sense in Love and compassion. You feel whole. Feelings of loneliness either slide away or crawl back in moments of distress in Love. Love can make you travel from the highs to lows. Things we are willing to do in Love. Bullets w are ready to take for Love. The destruction we are ready to commit in Love. It is a powerful feeling that can either lead on a correct path or misguide you into darkness. Overall, Love is a beautiful feeling if done in a healthy manner with meaningful boundaries.

Psychological Facts of Love

However, let us let science tell you more about Love and what it can make you do

Two More Feelings Accompany Love

There is a reason why Love might feel so inexplicable and addictive a reason because there are three more sentiments that accompany Love. When you fall in Love, there is a process that nature goes by.

  • Attraction
  • Connection
  • Lust

Have you ever wondered why getting physical feels so soothing and comforting when you are in Love? Love is the answer itself. Love has the tendency to make you feel whole as an individual. Intimate relationships feel more real and cherished when two individuals are in Love.

There is a Difference between Love and Lust

When you feel physically attracted to someone, it does not mean you are in Love. Lust can be immediate, but Love takes time. Connection is involved in Love that might miss in lust.

Fact: Feeling of lust or craving physical intimacy from someone is generated from sex hormones. Love involves stages like attraction and connection.

Cuddling can Make You Forget Your Pain

Everyone loves to cuddle loves to be held. Especially by people you love. Do you not love to cuddle with your loved one? Can you not wait for your work hours to get over so that you can go back home and into the arms of your loved one? Everyone loves to cuddle and the feeling it gives. It makes your worries fly away. It takes away your pain. You feel good; you feel at home.

Fact: When you cuddle, oxytocin, popularly known as the love hormone, gets released that can work miracles on your headaches. You can be free from headaches entirely after four hours miraculously. Such is the power of cuddling.

Photographs of Loved Ones can Make You Feel Better

Have you noticed how people always carry the pictures of their loved ones in wallets or keep their photographs on their office desks? Ever wondered why? Have you wondered why your house contains pictures of your loved ones? Why do you keep displaying pictures of your loved ones? Well, the answer is simple, it makes us feel homely and peaceful. It makes us feel comfortable in our surroundings and reminds us of them. It gives us a reason to become a better version of ourselves.

Fact: In a study, a group dealing with pain was given two distractions to forget the pain. One was the introduction of word games, and the other was the introduction of photographs. It was observed that the pain level of the individuals who received the photographs was more reduced as compared to the word games group.

You feel Less Hungry When You are in Love

Have you ever wondered why you do not feel more hungry often when you are in Love? Why do you lose the urge to eat? When you are in Love, various happy hormones like dopamine and norepinephrine are released that might cause you to feel on the cloud ninth. However, in situations like this, you might lose the urge to eat.

Fact: Dopamine and epinephrine might be the reason why individuals lose the urge to eat.

Heartbreaks can Hurt You

Have you ever felt a strong stringent of pain in your chest when deeply saddened by someone? Do you feel your heart stop beating or thumping loudly? Can you feel your heart race? It has been observed that people can die of a broken heart. Indeed, you can be dead by a broken heart. Have you heard of tales of how elderly couples with no signs of illness pass away within a few days’ gaps when either of them dies? This is due to a broken heart, and it is evident. Your heart becomes heavy as if it has been loaded with sacks of sand.

Fact: According to research, broken heart syndrome has been witnessed to cause damage comparable to the damage caused by any physical injury.


Love Holds the Power of Changing You

Have you ever noticed how you never ate Chinese but after falling in Love? Chinese food is all that crosses your mind whenever you are hungry. Your partner’s interest in Chinese food might be the reason, and it is common for that to happen. It has been observed that feelings of Love and compassion can transform you. They can make you like things that you dislike and vice versa. It can also change your behavioral pattern and your taste.

Fact: Love can cause numerous changes to your physical and mental state. It can alter you in ways you could never imagine

Love has Similar Traits to OCD

Have you ever wondered why people act so differently when they are in Love? Why does everything stop making sense in Love? Why do you get blindfolded by your office’s chain of thoughts?

Fact: It has been observed, Love carries similar traits to OCD.

When you are in Love, the hormone responsible for making you feel happy and euphoric gets lowered. However, a substantial increase in cortisol can be witnessed that causes stress. This shows resemblance to OCD or Oppressive Compulsion Disorder. This could be one of the most important Psychological Facts of Love.

Gratitude can Help Relationships Last Longer

This world can be a cobweb for cruel practices and broken hearts but always remain grateful in your relationship. When you show signs of gratitude, it compels the person standing in front of you to perform better and treat you better.

They get shouldered with praises and expectations that they become more than willing to meet. This creates a psychological response in their brains. However, gratitude can help you achieve great things in life. When you accept the facets of life and accept the reality of things and remain grateful, your life will shine with optimism and positivity. Being grateful for life can help you become successful and more understanding.

Love can be Blind

Have you ever heard the phrase Love is Blind? Well, as it turns out, it can be true indeed. Have you noticed an individual who gets deprived of their instincts and judgment criteria when in Love? Everything seems like cherries and cake to them. It is one of the best Psychological Facts of Love. Their decisive nature of deciding from wrong to the right gets compromised, and they no longer are capable of making a social judgment.

Fact: As researched by Harvard University, Love can compromise your social judgment and frightening tendency.