What are Major Yoga Poses for Daily Life?

Yoga Poses for Daily Life:

Yoga has been providing for our physical and mental health for generations. It has been evolving through the decades since its origin. In the modern age, yoga is practiced not only as a discipline but also taken up as a career option. However, the styles for each purpose are different but the primary keys are dedication and practice. In the beginning stages, comfort should be given the utmost importance as any rush can cause a severe injury. Yoga can be practiced daily or even at some different intervals according to one’s preference. With this blog we will learn Yoga Poses for daily life.

Basic Types of Yoga Poses for Daily Life

What are Major Yoga Poses for Daily Life?

The practices of yoga can be subdivided into many categories. Here we have listed the primary and most important practices.

1. Asana

2. Yama

3. Niyama

4. Pranayama

5. Dharana

6. Dhyana

7. Pratyahara

8. Samadhi

All these types of yoga can be practiced following a routine scheduled according to your yoga training or practicing. In this article, we will concentrate mainly on different postures and their significance, which, if incorporated into your yoga routine, can be life-changing.

Boat Pose:

This can be performed by lying down on your back and keeping your legs together. You further need to keep your hands on the thighs or right next to the thighs and maintain the posture for a few breaths. You should inhale as you lift your head and arms in a straight line, with toes pointed upwards. This particular pose is beneficial for healing gastric problems, reducing belly fat, and strengthening the muscle strength of the legs and abdomen.

Head To Toe Pose:

In this pose, you need to outstretch your legs and flex your toes. Raise your arms with inhalation and pull the navel with exhalation. Stretch the spine as much as it permits and try to hold the toes with your hands by bending the elbows. Concentrate on your breathing cycles and hold the position for a few breaths. This pose has proven to be effective in blood circulation and good health for the spine.

Plank Pose:

This pose is quite effective if performed with care and precaution. You have to lie down on your abdomen first and bring the elbows below the shoulders. Now, like a push-up activity, you will have to lift your lower body with the support of your hands. It is important to keep the neck and spine straight. Inhale as you lift the abdomen and exhale as you release the pose. This posture is effective for gaining core strength and burning calories. It is also used to tone the lower body.

Bow Pose:

As the name suggests, this posture looks like a bow. You need to lie on your belly and reach your feet by arching your hands backward. The pulling of the arm backward also stretches the stomach and the legs which increase flexibility. It also improves blood circulation and cures indigestion problems.

Cat-Cow Pose:

This is one of the most common yoga poses. To practice this, you need to sit in a tabletop position. It should be kept in mind that the knees are placed just below the hips. The wrists, elbows, and shoulders should be aligned collinearly and must be perpendicular to the ground or yoga mat. You need to lift your chest as you inhale and exhale as you release the pose. Repeat the cycle a few times. This helps to bring flexibility to your spinal cord and can be used to reduce anxiety issues.

Cobra Pose:

This pose is visually rejuvenating as well. You need to lie on the ground and place your hands on the mat beside the shoulder. You need to push yourself upwards and look towards the ceiling or sky and let the stomach do its stretch. This pose will tone the abdomen, neck, and shoulders as well as reduces stress and improves blood circulation.

Both-Leg Raise Pose:

Lie with your back on the ground and keep your knees and feet together. Raise your legs straight, pointing towards the ceiling. Inhale as you raise your legs and exhale as you come back to your original position. This pose is best for shaping the lower abdomen.

Triangle Pose:

This is a standing yogic posture that is effective for balancing and strengthening the core. Keep your feet at one leg distance. Place your right foot out so that the toes are pointing to the short edge of the mat. now turn your left toes in and roll the right thigh. Align the right knee linearly with the first two toes. Inhale as lift your arms up.

Tree Pose:

This is again a standing pose of yoga. It is one of the best balancing forms of yoga. To begin, put the weight of your body on your left leg and raise the right one from the ground. Allow the latter to rest on the thigh of the prior one. If you cannot go up to the high at the first chance, you can use your ankle or shin as well. Bring your hands in a prayer position and with practice, try to bring them overhead. Maintain and hold the pose as long as possible and focus on the main balance. Repeat the same process with the other side likewise. It is a great exercise for your hip and also enhances balance in the body.

Downward Facing Dog Pose:

This is one of the fundamental yoga poses. Get down on your hands and knees with proper alignment. With an exhalation, lift the knees from the ground and create a V shape using your body. The next step is to straighten your arms and place the inner elbow forward. You can also peddle your feet for better warming of your body. This is typically a strengthening pose and thus is beneficial for the hamstrings and shoulders.

Warrior Pose:

This is stamina boosting pose. You need to stand with your feet at hip distance apart and palms facing forward. Keep the toes of one foot facing forward and look in that direction and stretch out the respective hand in the same direction. Very slowly, bend one knee over the ankle, making sure you feel the burning in your thighs.

Plank Pose:

This is very common in almost all fields related to fitness. First, you need to get into a tabletop position. Align the shoulders and knees with your hips. Now do a simple push-up by bringing one foot back at a time. Hole the position for about 4-5 breaths. This is one of the best poses for core strengthening.

There are many other poses like the Mountain Pose, Crescent Lunge, varieties of the Warrior pose, etc. But once you have gained power over the basics, it will be easier for you to get accustomed to any posture after knowing there respective significance. So before creating your yoga routine, add these postures to your list.